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Mill Valley, CA – July 23, 2020 – This month, CustomWeather looks back upon the introduction of its Cloud Weather Services™, which introduced a totally new way to request easy point access in real-time to very large gridded data sets, without requiring the download of complete government model data sets.


In 2015, CustomWeather was the first weather company to introduce Cloud Weather Services™.  Cloud Weather Services™ enables customers to get the exact information that they need through a web service without having to download massive model data sets from the government. In addition, Cloud Weather Services™ enables real-time comparison between models, and the ability to create plugins for value-add variables based on raw data from the models. Some of the value-add variables include a hail index and even wind direction in degrees, which is normally reported as just U and V vectors in government models.


Cloud Weather Services™ allows easy access to many obscure model variables which are critical to specific industries. Examples are short-wave radiation for the solar industry, and soil moisture at various depths for agriculture. Access is made simple via an API, available in both XML and JSON.



CustomWeather celebrates 20 years of excellence and innovation by offering a monthly reflection upon its significant accomplishments and milestones over the past 2 decades. CustomWeather has developed numerous first-of-its-kind weather products and services that give its clients the advantage of precision data and leading-edge technology to fulfill their business requirements, whether it be providing weather data to their own customers or integrating the data into their business systems.

CustomWeather serves a global client base from its headquarters in Mill Valley, CA. CustomWeather has maintained a small size in order to remain true to its core mission of offering exclusive, customized solutions that include boutique-level customer service and support for utilities, media, business, and government institutions that seek only the highest quality data and services. CustomWeather’s pinpoint weather data, including many lesser-known variables, for millions of locations around the world, in over 200 countries and in over 85 languages, has resulted in an unmatched weather service for forward-thinking enterprises.  In addition to real-time and forecasted weather data, CustomWeather maintains a unique and powerful historical data trove dating back 50+ years that empowers clients to train their own internal AI models for business forecasting and analytics.


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