Check the Weather  

Machine Learning • AI

Identify trends.  Train AI models.  Predict future performance based on historical analysis.

Historical Weather Information

  • 30+ years of global hourly climate data
  • Access to public and private networks of weather stations
  • Historical Precipitation Data

Historical Climate Data

  • Hourly • Daily • Monthly
  • Gridded re-analysis data sets going back 40+ years

Historical Forecast Data

  • Historical forecast data from 2009 – present day.
  • Hourly and daily forecast options.

Hyper-local Weather Forecasts

  • WRF model forecasts can be customized and fine-tuned around on-site weather stations.
  • Ability to capture local terrain effects that publicly available data misses.

Data Feed Options

  • CSV • XML • JSON
  • delivery via HTTPS, Amazon S3, or SFTP/FTP
  • can import geospatial data and overlay on maps

Customized Data • Instant Access

Cloud Weather Services ™

  • Easy access via API, available in both XML and JSON
  • Enables real-time point access to large gridded data sets, without the download of complete government model data sets

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