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CustomWeather, Inc., a specialized provider of high-resolution weather data and alert services, announces the availability of CW-Sensor, CW-Now, and CW-Wind. As a boutique weather data provider that thrives upon innovation and customization, CustomWeather offers a plethora of powerful and unique weather data products:

CW-NOW: Global Real Time Conditions Monitoring: Precise, timely, localized weather information for any point on earth. Data can be requested via specific geographic point locations (e.g. city, ZIP code or latitude/longitude) to get current weather conditions. Proprietary technology allows clients to gather weather data without being limited to reporting stations. This product is also useful in a number of industrial applications. This product allows these companies to be aware of critical weather, allowing for improved efficiency, safety and productivity. For instance, insurance companies can be aware of critical weather changes and respond quickly to support their customers for preparations as well as post event claims processing.

CW-Sensor: Reported Sensor Conditions and Forecasting: Current conditions data from over 18K reporting stations worldwide, combined with hyperlocal forecasts, nowcasting and statistical forecasts allow for some of the most precise and timely weather data available.  This has a number of practical business applications. For instance, a transportation company can apply this data to support efficient and safe route planning.

CW-Wind: Hyper Local Wind Forecasting: CustomWeather generates wind forecasts for the near surface and turbine height at 100-meter resolution using its proprietary high resolution forecast model. Using some of the highest resolution terrain and land form data available, CustomWeather is able to capture the wind flow with precision accuracy across any topography whether it be ridgetops, valleys, or open plains.

Businesses seeking a source of premium, unmatched weather data can contact CustomWeather for a knowledgeable and thorough conversation.


About CustomWeather, Inc.

San Francisco Bay Area-based CustomWeather offers the industry’s most robust weather solutions for both decision support and consumer application. CustomWeather generates granular weather forecasts for over 200 countries, and combines weather services with unmatched development and customer service support. For over 20 years, CustomWeather has been the leading one-stop solution for historical, real-time, and forecast weather services.  For more information, visit