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Complete global weather coverage including sophisticated weather forecasts, maps, tracking and alert services covering over 80,000 locations worldwide.


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New! Hosted Global Wind and Precipitation Maps

Learn more about our sophisticated wind and precipitation maps.


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Hail Tracking

Hail causes hundreds of millions of dollars in damage each year.
CustomWeather offers several tools to enable businesses to prepare.

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Learn More About Our Proven Weather API

XML or JSON formatted  •  Geolookup  •  Weather data for over 80,000 locations  •  Over 85 different languages  •  Interactive Maptiles, Radar and Satellite images  •  Ability to refine forecasts down to 100 meter resolution worldwide  •  Clients can request data via HTTPS for secure data encryption

Our seasoned meteorological and technical teams are ready to support your business with the best in weather intelligence.

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Forecasting Precipitation, Temperature and Evapotranspiration

Merced Irrigation District meets the irrigation demands of about 140,000 acres. MID has partnered with CustomWeather to support their ability to manage deliveries, flood control and environmental requirements.

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