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Insurance & Risk Management

Weather products to support insurers and insurance traders across the life cycle of the policy and across the enterprise.


Unmatched flexibility streamlines the ingestion of relevant data and mapping into a wide range of applications and allows for global, regional, and street level intelligence.

  • Comprehensive alerts
  • Forecasts
  • Real-time tracking
  • Post event analysis

Customization can include the display, monitoring, or interaction of specific variables or derivatives of these variables, along with more advanced high-resolution modeling of regions, variables, or events.

With CustomWeather, your business benefits:

  • Minimize long-term and short-term risk
  • Limit potential impact of severe weather events
  • Supporting data for asset monitoring, policy holder notification, real-time awareness and risk assessment
  • Preparedness:  Better post-event response and assistance, crew dispatch, supply chain management
  • Accurate weather data to support customer service and claim management and verification
All Hurricane Paths 2004

Historical Storm and Event Information

  • Decades of historical data
  • Data mining and severe weather index
  • Custom location reports


Mid-Term and Long-Term Forecasts and

Mid-Term and Long-Term Forecasts and Outlooks

  • 1-15 day, monthly and seasonal forecast
  • Seasonal tropical storm outlook
  • Special forecasting around river levels, winds, fire, marine and ice
Short-Term and Immediate Forecasts

Short-Term and Immediate Forecasts

  • Hour-by-hour forecasts
  • Custom 6-hour through 48-hour severe weather advisories
  • Tropical storm updates
  • Tornado potential
  • Ice accretion
  • Hail potential
  • High wind potential
  • Forecast rainfall for next hour/6 hours/24 hours
Lightning Strikes Map

Real-Time Monitoring and Forecast Path

  • Earthquake reports
  • Government-issued alerts, watches and warnings
  • Tropical storm tracking and river levels
  • Current condition monitoring and alerts
  • Severe weather Doppler radar echoes
  • Individual storm cell tracking and forecast path
  • Doppler-indicated tornado touch-down and forecast path
  • Hail events and forecast path
  • Wind speed and gust information
  • Lightning strikes
  • Forecast rainfall totals for next hour/6 hours/24 hours
Post-Event Lightning Map

Post-Event Analysis

  • NWS post-storm reports and updates
  • Storm spotter reports
  • Past 1 hour/6 hour/24 hour analysis
  • Archive of Doppler radar, storm cell, tornado, hail, wind and precipitation data
  • Full previous day summary from the Storm Prediction Center
  • Post-event analysis by CustomWeather meteorologist

Data Delivery

Data and image transfer (web services, FTP, open socket connection)  • Web mapping service

Tile mapping service  • Geo-spatial data web query  • Hosted portals  • Public web display

Mobile and email alerts  •   GIS file delivery (click here for more GIS Information)

Sample Maps and Reports

CustomWeather’s robust mapping and reporting capabilities can be customized to provide targeted information in a visually engaging format. For a comprehensive overview of our mapping and reporting capabilities, contact us.

Global Weather Advisories

Max Temperature

Forecasted Wind Speed and Direction

Peril Map

Recent Earthquakes

Storm Potential Forecast Map (CAPE)

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