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Severe Weather:
Alerts and Tracking

Essential localized weather alerts and advisories for major weather developments, including tropical storm and hurricane tracking.

Government-Issued Alerts (US and Canada)

County-Specific Severe Weather Watches & Warnings

County-Specific Severe Weather Watches & Warnings

Severe Weather Alerts (United States)

  • Real-time severe weather alerts for the entire US
  • Alerts are provided as soon as they are issued by the National Weather Service
  • No other weather provider offers real-time access to this information in so many unique technical formats.

Environment Canada Severe Weather Alerts (Canada)

  • Real-Time location-specific warnings, watches, and advisories issued by Environment Canada.
  • Alerts are categorized according to 38 alert types including thunderstorm warnings, winter storm warnings, marine warnings, and wind advisories.
  • Alerts are limited to within Canada.
  • Canadian alerts are also offered as part of a U.S.-Canada combined alert product.
Sample Environment Canada Alert

Sample Environment Canada Alert

Global Alerts and Advisories

Custom Alerts

Sample Custom Alert Email

Custom Alert Email

  • Custom alerts can be generated for any specific weather criteria
  • Alert criteria can be in the past based on climate data or in the future based on weather forecasts
  • Weather alerts can be generated that incorporate both past and future weather data
  • Custom alerts can be sent out via email to specific user groups, via FTP, or via SMS using carrier email-to-SMS transmission

Current Condition Observation Alerts

  • Alert notifications of severe weather events based on thousands of global, real-time current condition reports.
  • Alerts are issued against standard criteria or customized for client requirements.
Sample Observation Alert

Sample Observation Alert

Sample Forecasted Significant Weather Alert

Sample Forecasted Significant Weather Alert

Forecasted Significant Weather

  • Forecasted Significant Weather highlights areas with the most significant weather as compared to climatology.
  • Created to be used in conjunction with Severe Weather Advisories.
  • Forecasted Significant Weather uses a ranking of 0-100 to indicate the significance of weather in a particular location with a focus on precipitation, winds, and temperature.

Severe Weather Advisories

  • First and only worldwide severe weather advisory system.
  • Our advisories inform people around the globe of potentially dangerous or severe weather conditions in their local area BEFORE they happen.
  • Advisories are updated four times daily and are available for 80,000+ worldwide locations.
  • Advisories cover the next 24 hours.
  • Options for upcoming 6 hours, 48 hours, and upcoming 5 days are also available.
Sample Custom Advisory

Sample Custom Advisory

Examples include:

  • Precipitation
  • Lightning Strider Alerts (US only)
  • High winds
  • Freeze alerts
  • Ice accretion
  • Extreme heat alerts
  • Hail potential
  • Tornado potential
  • Surf alerts
  • Tropical storm updates

Hurricane Tracking

Tropical storm and hurricane tracking products for the North Atlantic, North Pacific, and Indian Oceans throughout the hurricane season.

Hurricane Tracking Information

Hurricane tracking includes:

  • Current movement and minimum central pressure
  • Forecasted storm positions
  • Forecasted wind speeds, wind gusts, wind radiia
  • Forecasted wave radii
  • Forecasted conditions are provided for the upcoming 72 hours

GIS Solutions

CustomWeather offers a range of GIS formats enabling integration of the data directly into a client’s own geospatial application.

  • Tropical storm paths
  • Error cones
  • Wind swaths

Hurricane Maps

  • Proprietary tracking maps with both past track information and future path projection
  • All information is in an easy to read format for optimum plotting and display
Custom Alerts
Custom Alerts
Custom Alerts
Custom Alerts
Custom Alerts
Custom Alerts

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