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An array of syndicated weather solutions for websites and custom portals regardless of demand – from 10 visits per day to 10 million.

Solutions for all levels of site activity


XML Query System:

  • Delivers JSON or XML weather data on the fly through a http interface
  • XML query system supports some of the largest sites on the web

Other options include:

  • Weather data via FTP push or pull via pipe-delimited or XML format
  • Real-time, streaming data in XML via open-socket connection
  • Custom-hosted web templates
  • Options for custom-size images through our OpenGIS map server

Developers choose CustomWeather


Accuracy and ease of use:

  • Simple specifications and DTD files make data integration fast
  • Java Development Kit available supports weather data integration
  • Requesting a weather product requires only name of product and either city, postal code, coordinates, or city identifier
  • Options for 100 different languages and metric or Imperial units

Quality Content


Some of most popular products that we offer include:

  • Worldwide weather forecasts (Hourly, 7-day extended, and more)
  • Forecasted airport delays
  • Current conditions
  • Ski reports
  • Severe weather warnings and watches
  • Marine forecasts
  • Global weather advisories
  • Astronomy information
  • Historical climate information
  • Earthquake reports
  • Maps (Satellite, Doppler radar, etc.)
  • UV index and air quality reports.

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Examples of Integrated CustomWeather Data


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