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Renewable Energy

CustomWeather is a one-stop weather data warehouse for companies involved in wind, solar, and hydro-power industries.

Support for Renewable Energy Facilities

As the world moves away from its dependence on oil, weather itself will dictate much of the world’s available energy supply.


CustomWeather supports businesses that establish and operate wind and solar farms.


  • Historical weather data to enable planning, optimum placement and anticipated capacity.
  • Critical forecast expertise for on-going operations.

Historical Weather Information

  • 30+ years of hourly climate data for tens of thousands of weather stations around the world
  • Access to multiple public and private networks of weather stations
  • Gridded re-analysis data sets going back 40+ years that can be down-scaled to finer resolutions

Extremely High Resolution Weather Forecasts

  • WRF model forecasts that can be customized and fine-tuned around on-site weather stations.
  • Access to PhD meteorologists with modeling expertise
  • Ability to capture local terrain effects that publicly available data simply misses

Wind Expertise

  • Ability to model wind speeds at ground-level and tower height
  • Diurnal wind cycles captured graphically or in data files
  • Partnered with companies involved in the setup of remote, on-site weather stations (via satellite or cellular)
  • Experience with offshore weather forecasting for marine wind farms

Solar Radiation Data Available

  • Forecasted hourly incoming solar radiation values available for any point on the globe for the next 7 days
  • Sunshine hour information
  • Short-wave radiation maps available
  • Flash charts with daily distribution

Detailed Hydrological Information

  • Doppler-radar and satellite (TRMM) estimated precipitation totals available
  • Real-time current conditions and river gauge information
  • High resolution precipitation maps available

Industry-leading GIS Solutions

  • All of CustomWeather’s content is available in GIS formats in addition to point data
  • Shape files, OpenGIS-based map layers, NetCDF files
  • Ability to plot hundreds of different weather variables for time frames from a few hours to a few weeks

For more information about our GIS solutions, click here.

Sample Maps and Reports

CustomWeather’s robust mapping and reporting capabilities can be customized to provide targeted information in a visually engaging format. For a comprehensive overview of our mapping and reporting capabilities, contact us.

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