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Broadcast and Digital Media

Our data is utilized by media outlets worldwide to reach their broadcast and digital signage audiences.

Weather Data for Digital Signage and Tickers

Attract and retain viewers with CustomWeather’s powerful weather content.

We provide compelling and reliable data content in data formats that are easily incorporated into your digital display.

Weather Data Feeds

We make it easy to populate your design with our data. Available in XML, JSON or ASCII via HTTP or FTP. Over 80 languages are available.  Supporting your development is our priority.

Weather Maps & Radar

We offer a variety of attractive maps that can provide precise weather data in a visually engaging format.  Regular updates, precise locations and a variety of languages are offered.

Animated Weather Maps

Your viewers can see the weather unfolding on engaging animated maps that include past, present and future weather activity.

 Digital Signage

  • Enhance any digital display with targeted, customized weather content
  • Raw weather data available as XML
  • XML query solution via HTTP offers easy integration for developers
  • Highly localized content worldwide in any language

Weather Tickers

  • All information is location-based
  • Viewers can receive customized weather warnings and watches right at the bottom of the screen for their home town
  • Local severe weather maps and warning areas are also available

Partner Examples


Turn key content packages for digital signage networks, and lower-third broadcast tickers

Delivery options include: Direct URL, MRSS, HTML
Format Options:  16:9, 9:16, 4:3 or custom sizes

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Avatar-Delivered Weather

CustomWeather’s avatar-delivered weather forecasts are a combined effort of our weather data, Synthesia AI’s avatar technology, and broadcast graphics and programming from ARTS Computer Technologies.


  • Enhance Venue Digital Signage – Create a broadcast-like weather experience in locations such as gas stations, waiting rooms, airport lounges, restaurants, etc.
  • Cost-effective solution for broadcast markets – An ideal option for smaller weather markets on-air or even larger broadcast markets where on-air talent can be cloned for localized weather forecasts. Instead of one broadcast for a major metro area, hundreds of customized weather forecasts for each surrounding town in the likeness of the on-air talent can be offered.
  • Expand the scope and reach of live broadcasters – Complement, expand, and localize the work of live broadcasters. Instead of one broadcast for a major metro area, hundreds of customized weather forecasts for each surrounding town in the likeness of the on-air talent can be offered.
  • Suitable for smartphones and smart speakers – Avatars are an effective tool for emerging digital venues such as smartphones and smart speakers.
  • Keep content fresh – Each avatar video is composed of 2-10 automated segments of about 10 seconds each. Each segment covers a particular weather portion such as Doppler Radar, 5-day Forecast, Today/Tonight/Tomorrow Forecast, Local Almanac, etc. Segments can include rotating wording to avoid repetition. Avatar forecasts can be both localized and customized for an optimal experience.
  • Over 85 languages available – Each digital human can be customized to speak in any number of languages.
  • Easily customizable – The service is fully automated, allowing end users to select how many updates they wish to receive per day.
  • Quick implementation – Training of an avatar requires only a few hours of voice training. Alternatively, pre-established avatars from Synthesia can be used. Placement of the avatar on screen is customizable and segments without an avatar are also available. When video without audio is needed, a footer ticker with subtitles can be provided.


CustomWeather maintains partnerships with several leading graphics companies to provide complete, compelling and engaging weathercast visual display solutions.  In addition to the normally expected short term forecast data and severe weather infomation, CustomWeather can provide unique and compelling weather information including:

  • Future Radar – High-resolution predictive weather radar. Provides simulated radar imagery from the Rapid Refresh model to provide simulated future radar imagery out to 72 hours. Resolution of 13 km for North America
  • Winter Radar – Provides distinct color depiction for all types of winter precipitation for North America
  • Forecast Airport Delays – Updated 4 times per day. Features icon map showing expected airport delays based on weather conditions
  • 14-Day Temperatures – Available globally, provides a clean view of the expected high, low, and average temperatures for the next 14-days
  • Ski Resort ReportsProvided for ski resorts around the globe. Data is available for over 4,800 resorts, each updating daily during their respective ski seasons

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Television and Radio Station

Website and Mobile App Content



CustomWeather offers white labeled, syndicated content that is easily incorporated into websites and mobile applications.
  • Offer compelling weather content under your station’s brand to encourage frequent visits and engagement.
  • Industry-leading API query allows users to search for weather forecasts for over 80,000 locations in over 50 different languages.
  • In addition to providing completely syndicated weather solutions, CustomWeather can also build and host privately labeled custom weather templates.

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