Check the Weather  

Developer Tools

A suite of tools designed to support and enhance the implementation of CustomWeather’s products.


All forecast locations geocoded to provide:

  • latitude
  • longitude
  • time zone
  • state, province, and country


Easy and accurate searching:

  • US zip code
  • regional mapping databases
  • postal codes available for Canada, UK and many other countries.


Weather data is available in over 80 languages including:

English • French • Spanish • German • Dutch • Italian • Portuguese • Chinese • Japanese

Data Feeds

Data feeds available:

  • Ascii
  • XML
  • JSON
  • data via ftp push or pull
  • SMS is also available
  • can import geospatial data and overlay on maps

Map Tile Server

  • On­-demand, real­-time weather map tiles
  • meteorological layers derived from dozens of weather models
  • utilizes quadkey structure compatible with map tile systems including Microsoft BING or Google Maps
  • real-time information such as radar, satellite, estimated temperatures, and weather warnings
  • tropical storm tracking

Open GIS-Based Map Server

  • map layers in real-time
  • delivered via http interface
  • set your size and area
  • worldwide coverage
  • various formats and projections
  • use our base map or your own

Custom Web Templates

A web template can be designed around virtually any layout specified by a client.

Sample Code Available

Sample code can be supplied using XML query.


Multiple icon sets and styles suitable for print, web and wireless display.

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