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Forecast Products

With over 150 different weather descriptors, our forecast products for over 80,000 locations are easy to seamlessly integrate and private label.

Hourly Forecasts

Detailed rolling hourly forecasts for up to 7 and 15 days out.

48-hour Detailed Forecasts

Unique, rolling 48-hour detailed forecasts for over 80,000 locations around the world

7-day Extended Forecasts

Seven-day in-depth extended forecasts. Descriptors track the weather as it progresses throughout the day.

2-week Extended Forecasts

Day-by-day extended forecasts for 2 weeks are an invaluable planning tool.

Airport Delay Forecasts

48-hour airport delay forecasts for over 300 major airports worldwide


Hyperlocal forecasting at up to 100 meter resolution

CW100 is a proven weather forecasting model capable of predicting actionable, near-surface winds and temperatures with unprecedented 100 meter resolution and accuracy. Excels in spatial resolution, accounting for small-scale terrain features, etc.

The CustomWeather CW100 Model is based on physics, not statistics or airport observations. As a result, it can achieve significantly better accuracy than statistical models, especially for non-airport locations. The CW100 Model is able to resolve additional physical processes near the ground that are not resolved by other models and is able to operate at a much higher resolution, typically 100x finer than standard models and other gridded forecasts.

  • Excellent performance for both daytime and nighttime forecasting.
  • Lightweight: high speed, low cost — can easily be run on a single computer
  • High resolution: 100 meters or less
  • Accurate land surface properties
  • Realistic near-surface physics
  • Works everywhere, not limited to observation sites
  • Very accurate near the ground – consistently beats NWP, NWS MOS, and most human forecasters
  • CW100 is not limited to observation sites (airports) or population centers because it relies on gridded data sets that are primarily satellite-derived.

Update Frequency:

CW100 data is typically produced in 1-hour increments although 15-minute increments are also possible.

Model outputs include:

  • air temperature (dry bulb)
  • minimum air temperature (dry bulb)
  • maximum air temperature (dry bulb)
  • dewpoint temperature (wet bulb)
  • wind speed
  • wind gust speed
  • wind direction
  • soil temperature
  • net radiation
  • precipitation rate
  • cloud area fraction

Statistical 15-Day Forecasts (MOS)

CustomWeather has incorporated over 2 years analysis of raw model data to offer a proprietary 15-day MOS (Model Output Statistics) weather forecast.


  • Includes forecasts for more than 10,000 locations worldwide.
  • MAE (Mean Absolute Error) numbers for days 4-7 outperform industry standards usually only seen in days 1-3 of a forecast period.
  • MAE for hourly forecasts outperform even daily forecast values currently available to the public.
  • Accuracy results show significant forecast improvement across all forecast lead-times.

All Forecast Products Include:

    • Condition descriptions
    • High/low temperatures
    • Wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Humidity
    • Comfort level
    • UV index
    • Total expected precipitation
    • Precipitation probability

Nowcasting: Forecast Conditions via HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh)

In the North American domain, CustomWeather offers high resolution forecasts (3km) at any altitude for the latest on rapidly changing conditions. A wide variety of variables are available in 15-minute increments including radar reflectivity, precipitation, wind speed/direction/gusts, temperature, pressure, and cloud cover.

Globally, over 200 different weather variables are available ranging from temperature and wind to more complex weather variables such as convective parameters and a hail index.  Data is available from the current hour out to 15 days.

All weather forecast variables are available from CustomWeather’s Cloud Weather Service for any global latitude/longitude for both the current hour and future hours.


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