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Forecast Products

Short Term Forecasts

Hourly Forecasts

Detailed rolling hourly forecasts for up to 7 and 15 days out.

2-week Extended Forecasts

Day-by-day extended forecasts for 2 weeks are an invaluable planning tool.

48-hour Detailed Forecasts

Unique, rolling 48-hour detailed forecasts for over 80,000 locations around the world

7-day Extended Forecasts

Seven-day in-depth extended forecasts. Descriptors track the weather as it progresses throughout the day.

Airport Delay Forecasts

48-hour airport delay forecasts for over 300 major airports worldwide

Monthly, Seasonal and 6-Month Outlooks

30-Day Daily Forecasts:

  • Day-by-day forecast for all key weather variables and descriptions for the upcoming 32 days.
  • Forecasts include proprietary modeling technology at CustomWeather that incorporates in-house expertise, machine learning, and existing government weather models.
  • Proven accuracy with the CustomWeather model continuously using statistical modeling techniques to correct for government weather model biases.
  • Available globally for over 85,000 forecast locations.
  • Updated 4 times daily.
  • Available via API or via file delivery.

Monthly and Seasonal Climate Summary (PDF):

  • Summary of previous month’s climate plus outlook and discussion for the next 30 -90 days.
  • Includes discussions on Southern Oscillation and other large scale weather phenomenon impacting the growing regions.
  • Specific focus on temperature, precipitation outlooks as well as potential for extreme heat, frost, and freeze events during the period.
  • Customized by country, region or continent.
  • Delivered monthly.

6-Month Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks:

  • Month-by-month outlooks of temperature and precipitation data both as absolute values and as deviations from normal using North America Multi-Model Ensemble data (NMME).
  • Reports include discussions on large-scale weather phenomenon impacting the particular region with specific focus on temperatures and precipitation as well as the potential for extreme weather events during the 6-month period.
  • Delivered monthly.


Hyperlocal forecasting at up to 100 meter resolution

CW100 is a proven weather forecasting model capable of predicting actionable, near-surface winds and temperatures with unprecedented 100 meter resolution and accuracy. Excels in spatial resolution, accounting for small-scale terrain features, etc.

The CustomWeather CW100 Model is based on physics, not statistics or airport observations. As a result, it can achieve significantly better accuracy than statistical models, especially for non-airport locations. The CW100 Model is able to resolve additional physical processes near the ground that are not resolved by other models and is able to operate at a much higher resolution, typically 100x finer than standard models and other gridded forecasts.

  • Excellent performance for both daytime and nighttime forecasting.
  • Lightweight: high speed, low cost — can easily be run on a single computer
  • High resolution: 100 meters or less
  • Accurate land surface properties
  • Realistic near-surface physics
  • Works everywhere, not limited to observation sites
  • Very accurate near the ground – consistently beats NWP, NWS MOS, and most human forecasters
  • CW100 is not limited to observation sites (airports) or population centers because it relies on gridded data sets that are primarily satellite-derived.

Update Frequency:

CW100 data is typically produced in 1-hour increments although 15-minute increments are also possible.

Model outputs include:

  • air temperature (dry bulb)
  • minimum air temperature (dry bulb)
  • maximum air temperature (dry bulb)
  • dewpoint temperature (wet bulb)
  • wind speed
  • wind gust speed
  • wind direction
  • soil temperature
  • net radiation
  • precipitation rate
  • cloud area fraction

Statistical 15-Day Forecasts (MOS)

CustomWeather has incorporated over 2 years analysis of raw model data to offer a proprietary 15-day MOS (Model Output Statistics) weather forecast.


  • Includes forecasts for more than 10,000 locations worldwide.
  • MAE (Mean Absolute Error) numbers for days 4-7 outperform industry standards usually only seen in days 1-3 of a forecast period.
  • MAE for hourly forecasts outperform even daily forecast values currently available to the public.
  • Accuracy results show significant forecast improvement across all forecast lead-times.

All Forecast Products Include:

    • Condition descriptions
    • High/low temperatures
    • Wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Humidity
    • Comfort level
    • UV index
    • Total expected precipitation
    • Precipitation probability

Nowcasting: Forecast Conditions via HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh)

In the North American domain, CustomWeather offers high resolution forecasts (3km) at any altitude for the latest on rapidly changing conditions. A wide variety of variables are available in 15-minute increments including radar reflectivity, precipitation, wind speed/direction/gusts, temperature, pressure, and cloud cover.

Globally, over 200 different weather variables are available ranging from temperature and wind to more complex weather variables such as convective parameters and a hail index.  Data is available from the current hour out to 15 days.

All weather forecast variables are available from CustomWeather’s Cloud Weather Service for any global latitude/longitude for both the current hour and future hours.


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