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Forecast Products

With over 150 different weather descriptors, our forecast products for over 80,000 locations are easy to seamlessly integrate and private label.

48-hour Detailed Forecasts

Unique, rolling 48-hour detailed forecasts for over 80,000 locations around the world

7-day Extended Forecasts

Seven-day in-depth extended forecasts. Descriptors track the weather as it progresses throughout the day.

2-week Extended Forecasts

Day-by-day extended forecasts for 2 weeks are an invaluable planning tool.

Airport Delay Forecasts

48-hour airport delay forecasts for over 300 major airports worldwide

Statistical 15-Day Forecasts (MOS)

CustomWeather has incorporated over 2 years analysis of raw model data to offer a proprietary 15-day MOS (Model Output Statistics) weather forecast.


  • Includes forecasts for more than 10,000 locations worldwide.
  • MAE (Mean Absolute Error) numbers for days 4-7 outperform industry standards usually only seen in days 1-3 of a forecast period.
  • MAE for hourly forecasts outperform even daily forecast values currently available to the public.
  • Accuracy results show significant forecast improvement across all forecast lead-times.

All Forecast Products Include:

    • Condition descriptions
    • High/low temperatures
    • Wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Humidity
    • Comfort level
    • UV index
    • Total expected precipitation
    • Precipitation probability

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