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Geographic Information System

CustomWeather provides an OpenGIS®-based framework that can seamlessly and easily fit into any GIS.

OpenGIS®-based framework

any Geographic Information System (GIS). All CustomWeather map layers are also available as SHAPE files. Our mapping system allows you to dynamically plot out individual map layers on your own base maps or use our high color, topographical base maps as a default. The parameters of the maps are up to you – we allow our clients to choose their own bounding coordinates, their own map sizes, their own weather variables, their own cities, their own output format, their own borders, and even the satellite contrast to be used. Our map data can be displayed in real-time or animated over time. We also have dozens of pre-generated maps to choose from if you prefer less customization. Our map server is designed to fit into any map system.

Since all of our content is location-based, we provide you with all of the relevant weather information that you would ever want to know for over 70,000 locations around the globe. Our map server allows you to choose from dozens of weather products that you would like plotted including:

  • Infrared satellite
  • Doppler radar
  • Current conditions
  • Weather forecasts
  • Severe weather warnings and watches
  • Frontal maps
  • Hurricane Tracking Maps
  • Precipitation forecasts
  • Real-time rainfall analysis
  • Temperature contours
  • Earthquake reports
  • Wind plots
  • Fire danger forecasts
  • Humidity
  • Clouds

And much more…

Our map server will produce maps for you in real-time according to your exact needs through an easy-to-use http interface. Whether you want to zoom into a particular area or display a wide-shot, our map server is the perfect solution for you. And best of all, our map server is universal so that you can get weather information for every corner of the globe.

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