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Mill Valley, CA – April 8, 2020, 2018 – CustomWeather, Inc., a specialized provider of high-resolution weather data and alert services, is offering its proven Weather Data API to support developers who will be losing access to Dark Sky’s soon-to-be discontinued weather API.  Dark Sky is the most recent weather API to either discontinue API service or significantly increase pricing, making quality weather data less and less accessible to indie developers.  As a small, boutique weather data provider that thrives upon innovation and customization, CustomWeather embraces the important role that smaller, indie developers play as creators of novel weather-driven apps and content, and is committed to offering a quality, affordable weather data API to support them. Currently, CustomWeather supports a plethora of unique wireless and web applications ranging in size from very small to some of the largest, with the capacity to support huge volumes of requests.

CustomWeather’s data features:

  • XML or JSON formatted
  • Geolookup
  • Hyperlocal weather data for over 80,000 locations
  • A proven weather forecast model
  • Visually appealing satellite, radar and future radar animations accessed via
    maptile server
  • Over 85 different languages
  • Ability to refine forecasts down to 100 meter resolution worldwide
  • Clients can request data via HTTPS for secure data encryption
  • Packages are based on number of calls per month
  • Subscription options can easily be adjusted as client call demands change.

For more information about CustomWeather’s Developer services or to subscribe, visit //developers/

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