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Mill Valley, CA – September 21, 2020 – In 2002, CustomWeather became one of the first weather companies to launch a weather API. In 2001, market demand was brewing for serving up weather data through a web interface, prompting CustomWeather to start development efforts. Since then, the popularity of APIs in business has exploded, and the appreciation of this concept has become mainstream. In this September retrospective, CustomWeather looks back upon the introduction of its weather services API.

After launching a weather data API in early 2002, CustomWeather began development of an OpenGIS-based map server in March of that same year, to complement the XML formatted data already available through the CustomWeather API.

Developing the ability to request weather data instantaneously through a HTTP interface for any location around the globe was an entirely new concept. A second, important breakthrough concept included the ability to request weather data based entirely on coordinates.

To this day, API weather data remains a core component of CustomWeather’s services for businesses large and small.  In just the past few months, CustomWeather’s API has once again seen growth as the Dark Sky API, used by many app developers, has been discontinued.

CustomWeather’s data features:

  • XML or JSON formatted
  • Geolookup
  • Hyperlocal weather data for over 80,000 locations
  • Visually appealing satellite, radar and future radar animations accessed via a
    maptile server
  • Over 85 different languages
  • Ability to refine forecasts down to 100 meter resolution worldwide
  • Clients can request data via HTTPS for secure data encryption


CustomWeather celebrates 20 years of excellence and innovation by offering monthly retrospectives highlighting the numerous first-of-its-kind weather products and services that it has developed over the past 2 decades.

CustomWeather serves a global client base from its Mill Valley, CA headquarters. CustomWeather offers exclusive, customized solutions with boutique-level customer service for utilities, media, business, and government institutions that seek only the highest quality data and services. CustomWeather’s pinpoint weather data, including many lesser-known variables, for millions of locations worldwide, in 200+ countries and in over 85 languages, is an unmatched weather service for forward-thinking enterprises.  In addition to real-time and forecasted weather data, CustomWeather maintains a unique and powerful historical data trove dating back 50+ years that empowers clients to train their own internal AI models for business forecasting and analytics.