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San Francisco, CA – August 13, 2019 – CustomWeather, Inc., a premier, specialized provider of high-resolution weather data and alert services, is pleased to announce  the availability of its Marine Route Forecasting Solution, CW Voyage™.  CustomWeather has provided weather data to the marine industry for years – and until now – has offered route services only as a custom service for specific clients.  CW Voyage is an affordable, unique, interactive solution that allows for the changing of way points to get precise, comprehensive weather and marine forecasts for a desired sea route or possible alternative route. The interactive interface for waypoint entry and data retrieval operates globally, across all of the world’s oceans.

A custom weather and marine report is generated on the fly for each of the intended route waypoints, including all relevant weather maps and satellite imagery. Complex and unique animation of weather and marine map layers as they follow a moving vessel offers users a new level of visual information. CW Voyage includes sophisticated weather data and detailed marine forecasts and conditions reporting including weather, wind, waves, tide and ocean conditions for key waypoints.

Updated every 6 hours, the data includes:

  • Surf and sea state data
  • Marine forecast
  • Local area tide charts
  • Detailed wave forecasts
  • Detailed wind forecasts
  • Relevant area Buoy Reports
  • Comprehensive weather information
  • Detailed maps, satellite, and tropical storm information

To request a demonstration of CW Voyage or to learn more about CustomWeather’s Maritime forecasts and services, please visit /industry-solutions/maritime-offshore/

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