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San Francisco, CA – May 20, 2019 – The buzz surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Weather is relatively new. But at CustomWeather, a quiet trailblazer in the development of hyper-accurate precision weather data for almost 20 years, AI has played a fundamental role for years in the development of its numerous weather products, which it provides to a boutique list of clients. Geoff Flint, Co-Founder and CEO of CustomWeather comments: “The first question that I am asked when I show up at a conference is almost always: “Is your system AI-driven?” The answer is, Absolutely! Our system has always depended upon artificial intelligence and continues to use artificial intelligence to make significant forecasting improvements.” Companies are realizing that the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in weather can help them to see business savings and improvements that they never thought possible.

AI has been one of the keys to CustomWeather leading the way in hyper-local forecasting for several years, most recently as part of the forecast product, CW100, which forecasts weather variables such as near-surface winds and temperatures at 100 meter resolution. Geoff Flint explains, “For years, we have offered a statistical forecast model (MOS) with training files.  Essentially, it is an artificial intelligence model that learns from the mistakes and biases of other models. Even our CW100 or USL forecasts utilize AI to learn which forecast models have been performing best and the CW100 model weighs the inputs from those models accordingly, constantly improving itself. AI is helping us to refine our weather forecasts every single day.”

CustomWeather is constantly innovating and exploring new ways to provide weather data and services to improve and enhance business performance, public safety and preparedness.  For more information, visit /.



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