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Severe Weather Readiness: CustomWeather to Provide Real-Time Lightning Strike Alerts

CustomWeather is dedicated to offering real-time data alerts as well as forecasting weather services to enable its customers to make informed decisions for business planning, preparation and safety.

SAN FRANCISCO – September 17, 2014 – CustomWeather, Inc., a specialized provider of high-resolution weather forecast and alert services, has announced that it will offer lightning strike alerts within the US.  Alerts are generated for activity that occurs within each customer-defined radius.  Customers can also receive a follow up “all clear” notification if no further lightning strike activity has occurred after a customer-defined period of time.
CustomWeather CEO and President, Geoff Flint, explains that, “CustomWeather has long specialized in offering severe weather alerts and advisories for numerous weather conditions including hail, flooding, high winds, extreme temperatures, high surf, tropical storm activity, and more.  Adding real time lightning strike alerts to our suite of products will provide valuable data to our customers to enhance planning and preparedness, as well as improved safety and situational response.”
Severe weather notifications such as lightning strike alerts are invaluable resources for a variety of businesses that already rely on CustomWeather for quality alerts and forecasts.  These customers span many industries, ranging from utilities, energy, agriculture and construction to outdoor sports and recreation.  For more information about how CustomWeather can support your business, visit

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