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CustomWeather U.S. Ski Outlook for Winter 2014-2015

SAN FRANCISCO – October 6, 2014 – CustomWeather, Inc., a specialized provider of high-resolution weather forecast and alert services, has released its U.S. Ski Outlook for Winter 2014-2015,  highlighting the best regions for optimal skiing conditions this winter during the months of December 2014 – February 2015.

Our long range forecast models indicate that temperatures for much of the country will be average to above average, with the best chance of above average temperatures occurring primarily over the Northwest.  Slightly above average temperatures will extend from the Northern Rockies to New England.

Slightly above average precipitation and near-normal temperatures indicate that ski resorts in the southern Rockies are expected to have the best snow this winter.  This bodes well for resorts such as Taos, Telluride, Arizona Snowbowl, Sunrise Park Resort, Wolf Creek and Durango.

New England is expected to have near-normal precipitation and slightly above normal temperatures, which should result in very comfortable skiing conditions.

A weak El Niño is expected this season, with the Sierra Mountains forecasted to have normal precipitation and slightly above normal temperatures, meaning that resorts with high base elevations such as Kirkwood and Mt. Rose should expect a great ski season of good snow and comfortable conditions.

Below normal precipitation, combined with an above normal temperature forecast in the Northwest, hints that the upcoming ski season may be more challenging for that region.

To create uniquely accurate seasonal forecasts for highly granular locations, CustomWeather incorporates data from both NCEP (NOAA) and the Climate Forecast System model.  The data is incorporated into CustomWeather’s forecast for conditions that produce the best snow for skiing relative to normal.  This includes targeting certain patterns that affect long range weather (El Niño-La Niña is one of the better known cycles).  CustomWeather’s long range weather models take numerous additional weather oscillations and teleconnections into account to anticipate seasonal weather.  For more information about CustomWeather’s long range forecasts, visit

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