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CustomWeather provides the perfect weather solution for any information portal.

CustomWeather provides the perfect weather solution for any information portal whether the information is going out to 10 people per day or 10 million people per day.

CustomWeather provides weather information in an easy-to-use format that can be used for a multitude of purposes including 411 directory information services, web portals, intranets, wireless services, news pages, and much more.

CustomWeather provides an XML query solution through a http interface for easy real-time data access in addition to more traditional delivery methods such as FTP. Phone operators can easily access CustomWeather’s wealth of weather information by simply knowing postal codes or city names. Weather data can also be accessed from coordinate information or city identifiers. CustomWeather even has a ‘smart search engine’ that learns from common city name misspellings and abbreviations. Through CustomWeather’s easy-to-use XML interface, it is possible to easily place weather forecasts into a text-to-speech engine or instantly get the weather products that you want in 10 different languages. All of CustomWeather’s products are available in both Imperial and metric units.

CustomWeather provides dozens of consumer-friendly weather products including.

  • 7-day extended weather forecasts
  • 48-hour detailed weather forecasts
  • Forecasted airport delays
  • Ski Reports
  • Severe weather warnings and watches
  • Marine Forecasts
  • Global weather advisories
  • Ski and surf alerts
  • Current conditions
  • Weather maps
  • Satellite
  • Doppler radar and much more

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