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Management Team

The CustomWeather team is a talented group of individuals with extensive experience in weather and technology.

Geoff Flint

President and CEO

Geoff’s unique combination of skills and experience in meteorology, computer programming and economics have given him the rare ability to create CustomWeather’s forecasting products and services. His development of sophisticated weather forecasting models and engines paved the way for success at, which was acquired by in 1999. He continued to excel as a senior programmer and innovator at His credentials include a M.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as numerous years in the financial industry with companies such as Wells-Fargo.

Kevin Levey

Vice President, Operations

Kevin, who is from South Africa, joined us in 2005. He possesses a Masters degree in Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Cape Town, and currently completing his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Virginia. Having started his own meteorology company in South Africa in 1995, he not only has a background in content development, technical support and quality control for the weather data systems at Stormchaser, Inc., but he also has an extensive academic background with many published scientific papers. Kevin is responsible for our corporate and forecast web sites ( and as well as client web templates. He is also responsible for our internal model development, external model comparison and forecast verification. Kevin also produces medium and long-term seasonal forecasts for South Africa.

Tom Hauf

Senior Sales Executive

Tom’s background includes service as a U.S. Air Force meteorology officer, both at home and abroad, prior to a 22-year run as a television weather presenter.  An active lecturer at Syracuse University, Tom also has many years of experience in meteorological consulting in the energy sector as well as extensive experience in sales.  Tom possesses a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist certification from the American Meteorological Society and is married with 2 children.  He resides in New York.

Agustin Diaz

Chief Meteorologist

Agustin possesses a degree in Meteorology from San Francisco State University, and has background in content development, technical support and quality control for the weather data systems at Weatherlabs. Agustin is responsible for QA and verification of our data integrity.

Susan Kreuz Flint

Business Manager Susan holds a degree in Business Management and has extensive legal expertise. Her experience includes paralegal roles ranging from contracts and contract administration to patents and trademarks. Some of Susan’s responsibilities include assisting in administration of the company, contract and legal review, and public relations including press releases for CustomWeather