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Company Overview

CustomWeather is a San Francisco-based provider of syndicated weather content that combines the worlds of technology and weather.

Easily Integrated

Our services can be easily integrated into wireless and web environments. Because CustomWeather can provide weather content as easy-to-read data files in a variety of formats such as XML and ASCII, our clients are in total control of the look and feel of the weather content on their site. To attract and maintain your site’s audience, there is no better solution. CustomWeather allows weather data to live on our clients’ sites so that they can maximize their own revenue and increase their own site loyalty.

Geo-Coded Data

All of CustomWeather’s weather data is geo-coded so that it can easily be used by both wireless and web-based companies. Search capabilities are available for zip codes and city names. CustomWeather’s geo-coded techniques assure that weather forecasts are made for exact locations rather than just general areas. The automated nature of CustomWeather’s forecasts also allows for greater customization for the client and allows CustomWeather to deliver weather information that is more timely, reliable, and accurate than that supplied by other weather providers. CustomWeather’s is an entirely Java-based company so our applications and content can seamlessly integrate into virtually any platform.

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