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Forecast Products

Our products and services are intended to be fully integrated and private labeled to support the branding of our clients.

By utilizing over 150 different weather descriptors, CustomWeather provides a more in-depth weather summary than other weather providers. Many of the descriptors track the weather as it progresses throughout the day. Our unique rolling 48-hour detailed forecast is an invaluable planning tool by providing a level of detail that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

48-hour Detailed Forecasts

Rolling 48-hour detailed forecasts for over 70,000 locations around the world

Seven-day Extended Forecasts

Seven-day in-depth extended forecasts for over 70,000 locations around the world

2-week Extended Forecasts

Day-by-day extended forecasts for 2 weeks

Airport Delay Forecasts

48-hour airport delay forecasts for over 300 major airports around the world

Statistical 15-Day Forecasts (MOS)

CustomWeather has incorporated years of research and development to offer a proprietary 15-day MOS (Model Output Statistics) weather forecast, based on our own 2+ year analysis of raw model data. This product builds upon our existing high resolution weather forecasting techniques. The accuracy results show significant forecast improvement across all forecast lead-times. CustomWeather offers MOS forecasts for more than 10,000 locations worldwide. MAE (Mean Absolute Error) numbers for days 4 through 7 are outperforming industry standards usually only seen in days 1 through 3 of a forecast period. MAE for hourly forecasts outperform even daily forecast values currently available to the public.

All Forecast Products Include:

    • Condition descriptions
    • High/low temperatures
    • Wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Humidity
    • Comfort level
    • UV index
    • Total expected precipitation
    • Precipitation probability

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