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Weather Alerts

CustomWeather produces valuable localized weather alerts and advisories for major weather developments.

Government-Issued Alerts (US and Canada)

County-Specific Severe Weather Watches & Warnings

Severe Weather Alerts (United States)

CustomWeather offers real-time severe weather alerts for the entire US. Alerts are provided as soon as they are issued by the National Weather Service. No other weather provider offers real-time access to this information in so many unique technical formats.

Sample Environment Canada Alert

Environment Canada Severe Weather Alerts (Canada)

Features location-specific warnings, watches, and advisories on a real-time basis as issued by Environment Canada. The alerts are categorized according to 38 alert types including thunderstorm warnings, winter storm warnings, marine warnings, and wind advisories. Alerts are restricted to within Canada. Canadian alerts are also offered as part of a U.S.-Canada combined alert product..

Global Alerts and Advisories

Sample Custom Alert Email

Sample Custom Alert Email

Custom alerts can be generated for any specific weather criteria, either in the past based on climate data or in the future based on weather forecasts. Weather alerts can also be generated that incorporate both past and future weather data. CustomWeather’s custom alerts can be sent out via email to specific user groups, via FTP, or via SMS using carrier email-to-SMS transmission.

Sample Observation Alert

Current Condition Observation Alerts

Features alert notification of severe weather events based on thousands of real-time current condition reports globally. The alerts are issued against our standard criteria, but can also be customized for the requirements of the client.

Sample Forecasted Significant Weather Alert

Forecasted Significant Weather

Forecasted Significant Weather highlights areas with the most significant weather as compared to climatology. Created to be used in conjunction with Severe Weather Advisories, Forecasted Significant Weather assigns a number between 0-100 to represent the significance of weather in a particular location with a focus on precipitation, winds, and temperature.

Sample Custom Advisory

Severe Weather Advisories

The first and only worldwide severe weather advisory system. Our advisories inform people around the globe of potentially dangerous or severe weather conditions in their local area BEFORE they happen. Advisories are updated four times daily and are available for all 70,000+ worldwide locations in CustomWeather’s database. Advisories cover the next 24 hours but options for the next 6 hours, 48 hours, and upcoming 5 days are also available.

Examples include:

  • Precipitation
  • Lightning Strider Alerts (US only)
  • High winds
  • Freeze alerts
  • Ice accretion
  • Extreme heat alerts
  • Hail potential
  • Tornado potential
  • Surf alerts
  • Tropical storm updates
  • Click here for more information on our Hurricane and Tropical Storm tracking services.

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