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Images & Maps

CustomWeather supplies a variety of high-quality images and maps.

CWView: Model Plot Portal

Our model plot portal includes animated displays for 11 key government-run weather models around the globe for the full length of each model (some containing 75 frames or more). Over a half-million frames are generated via this robust service. The model plot generation process begins within seconds of the data being downloaded and available from government sources. Our portal includes dozens of variables from key weather models such as the CFS, GDAS, GEM, GENS, GFDL, GFS, NDFD, NOGAPS, RUC, SREF, and WW3 models.

Doppler Radar

Real-time Doppler radar images for the U.S. updated every 15 minutes.

Future Doppler Radar

Future Doppler Radar (North America only) offers the forecasted composite reflectivity in 1-hour increments for the next 18 hours.

Satellite Images

Worldwide satellite images (from both a regional and national perspective) updated every hour. High resolution EUMESAT IR imagery available for EU and Middle East. Imagery is 3km IR/1.5km visible, updated every 15 minutes.

Current Condition Maps

Current condition maps for the entire world (and for specific regions) updated every 30 minutes

Forecast Maps

Weather forecast maps for the entire world (and for specific regions) updated four times daily.

Contour Maps

Contour maps for the entire world (and for specific regions) updated twice daily. Maps are based on the following models: Global Forecast System (GFS), Climate Forecast System (CFS), National Digital Forecast DataBase (NDFD), Wave Watch III (WW3) and NCEP RE-Analyses.

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