Check the Weather  

Developer Tools

We’ve created a suite of tools to support and enhance the implementation of our weather products.


Forecast locations geocoded with latitude, longitude, time zone, state, province, and country information. This is critical data for wireless applications where precise geocoding is a must.


Zip code and regional mapping databases makes searching easy and accurate. Searching by postal code is also available for locations in Canada, UK and many other countries.


Weather data is available in numerous languages in addition to English: French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and more!

Data Feeds

Ascii or xml data feeds via ftp push or pull. WAP and SMS are also available.

XML Query

Weather data can be supplied via XML query.

Web Templates

CustomWeather can design a web template around virtually any layout specified by the client.

Sample Code Available

CustomWeather can supply sample code using its XML query system to assist in the development process. Virtually any XML parser can be used with the XML query system put in place by CustomWeather.


Multiple icon sets and styles suitable for print, web and wireless display.

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