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Whether your web site gets 10 or 10 million visitors per day, we have a web solution for you.

CustomWeather is a one-stop shop for all of your internet weather needs.

Whether your web site gets 10 visitors per day or 10 million visitors per day, we have a web solution for you. We offer a wide selection of syndicated weather solutions for your web site including our popular XML query system that delivers XML weather data to your site on the fly through a http interface. This system currently supports some of the largest sites on the web.

In addition to our XML query system through a http interface, we also offer
  • Weather data via FTP push or pull in either a pipe-delimited or XML format
  • Real-time, streaming weather data in XML via an open-socket connection
  • Custom-hosted web templates
  • Options for custom-size images through our OpenGIS map server
Our clientele includes many web developers around the world that have chosen customWeather’s data for its accuracy (see Accuracy Report) and ease of use.

We provide each client with easy-to-read specifications and DTD files that make integration of our data quick and easy. CustomWeather also offers a Java Development Kit that can further speed up the weather integration process.

Requesting one of our weather products is as simple as knowing the name of the product and knowing either the name of the city, the postal code, the coordinates, or the city identifier. We also offer options for 100 different languages and metric or Imperial units.

Some of the more popular products that we offer include:

  • Worldwide weather forecasts (7-day extended, 48-hour detailed, 8-15 day long range, or hour-by-hour)
  • Forecasted airport delays
  • Current conditions
  • Ski reports
  • Severe weather warnings and watches
  • Marine forecasts
  • Global weather advisories
  • Astronomy information
  • Historical climate information
  • Earthquake reports
  • Maps (Satellite, Doppler radar, current conditions, forecast, temperature, precipitation, and much more)
  • UV index and air quality reports.
A few examples of our weather content in action
Dollar Car Rental
e Monde Newspaper

All of our weather products are available on a local level for more than 70,000 unique locations around the globe. Our staff of meteorologists and software programmers is eager to help you with all of your weather needs.

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